An Apple a Day – The Bonobo Way

An Apple a Day – The Bonobo Way

21st Jun 2017, Author: Lauren Slater

Are you looking to shake up your summer drink? The summer season is an excellent excuse to try something new. Lucky for you, Bonobo Winery serves hard ciders; a fashionable drink hitting a hot streak.

While Northern Michigan has emerged as a premier wine destination, cider isn’t too far behind as an industry leader, especially with Michigan bringing in the country’s third largest apple crop. Even though wine is our “drink of choice,” a Bonobo cider is a fun and delicious summer pour! We take pride in offering fresh ciders that burst with flavor, which is why our balanced, easy drinking ciders will bring a smile to the face of any guest.  We’ve created a widespread appeal by utilizing not only apples, but other fruits, such as estate grown cherries and local juniper berries.

Must-Try Summer Ciders Bonobo Winery

Just like wine, ciders are an adventure that’ll leave you feeling refreshed. Believe it or not, ciders even offer health benefits that are similar to drinking a glass of red wine. The health enhancing antioxidants in cider that are absorbed are equivalent to what drinking a glass of red wine can offer (see, even science suggests that frequent visits to Bonobo is beneficial for your health)!

Must-Try Summer Ciders Bonobo WineryMust-Try Summer Ciders Bonobo Winery

If you’re a fan of our Sparkling Rosé, you may find many similarities to hard cider; they’re both lightly carbonated, bubbly, dry, and accented with different fruity notes. In general, hard ciders differ in taste and provide a variety of flavors that’ll be sure to quench your taste buds.

Our Cherry cider is packed with juicy tartness of Montmorency Cherries and fused with crisp apple cider.

Our Hop cider contains citrus and floral notes with the boost of centennial hops, creating a delicious twist to an apple cider experience.

Lastly, our Juniper cider instills juniper berries along with a dry apple taste. Notes of balsam leave a pleasant taste that comes from different plants, resulting in an earthy feel.

Must-Try Summer Ciders Bonobo Winery

Since different styles can vary so much, cider is also fantastic to pair with food. If you’re looking to enhance your palate and cut through the richness of creamy pasta dishes like Alfredo, pair them with a tart and sparkling cider, such as our Cherry cider. Aside from pairing it with food, you can use it to cook and even make refreshing Bellini’s!

So, whether you’re a hard cider enthusiast or not, we encourage you to try something new. Head to Bonobo Winery today and try our hard ciders, or as we like to say, try an apple a day – the Bonobo way.

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