The Best Thanksgiving Wines: Bonobo’s Thanksgiving Trifecta

The Best Thanksgiving Wines: Bonobo’s Thanksgiving Trifecta

14th Nov 2017, Author: Abby Clear

Let us take care of the wines this year so you can focus on what’s important: friends, family and feasting. The wines in our Thanksgiving Trifecta were chosen specifically to complement a traditional Thanksgiving menu. The rich fruit flavors match with the autumn spices, the light tannin and moderate acidity pair perfectly with the texture and intensity of turkey, and the subtle earthiness goes well with the rich flavors of gravy. Whether you’re planning a traditional Thanksgiving dinner or a casual holiday get together among friends, these Bonobo Wines are guaranteed to leave every guest with good cheer.

We’ve taken the stress out of selecting a good bottle of wine to pair with your holiday feast. Enjoy our Thanksgiving Trifecta

Thanksgiving Wines


Rosé is a wine we love year round, and especially during the holidays. Its fresh and light, making it perfect for getting the holiday started with some appetizers or cutting through your heavy turkey day meal. Our 2016 Rosé is made primarily out of Pinot Gris grapes and shows delicate aromas of peach, apricots, honey, Nashi pears, and red apples.

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Pinot Noir

Our 2016 Pinot Noir showcases how amazing a Michigan Pinot Noir can be. It is rich enough texturally to stand up to the turkey’s dark meat and will cleanse the palate with its bright acidity, but it will also stand up to some of the more delicate flavors around the table, especially the classic cranberry sauce.

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Chardonnay Select

Our Montrachet style Chardonnay focuses on the nuance and balance of oak, fruit and acidity, making it a classic and complementary pairing for your Thanksgiving meal. Its rich and creamier texture with stand up to the heavier dishes at the table, leaving you with a lingering and voluptuous mouthful. Enjoy its tasting notes of butterscotch, caramel and almonds, along with the fresh aromas of white peach and lime.

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Remember, Thanksgiving is done #BetterWithBonobo. Enjoy the holiday, and be thankful for the memories you create with the lucky ones you get to share it with.

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