Artist Spotlight: Tinker Studio – Rick Burbee

Artist Spotlight: Tinker Studio – Rick Burbee

15th Jun 2017, Author: Hannah Malinowski

Meet Rick Burbee; co-owner and artist at Tinker Studio. Rick’s artwork displays his unique woven paper technique and bright summer colors. From wall art to abstract sculptures, his pieces are sure to catch your eye.

I had the opportunity to talk with Rick over a glass of wine about himself, Tinker Studio, and his artwork at Bonobo. Check out what he had to say!

Rick Burbee Tinker Studio

Tell me a little about yourself and Tinker studio:

My wife and I are both owners and artists. We’re originally from Chicago but have lived in Traverse City for 9 years now. Our original studio was much smaller and was just a working studio. We drove down Old Mission one day and saw the perfect location for a larger space. We opened that location in 2016.

Since getting a larger studio space, have you seen much growth, and in what ways?

Our studio is now three times bigger. We’re now not only a working studio, but also offer classes and a retail selection for customers. Tinker Studio is even an approved Etsy vendor. It’s a place to meet, make, learn, and shop.

As a tourist or visitor not familiar with Tinker Studio, what can one expect when visiting the studio?

Aside from our own artwork, we feature 5 local artists, 5 regional artists, and a handful of national artists. They can look at the art, take a class, or shop. Everything is made in the United States and we have some great keepsakes people can take home.

What inspires your creativity and art style?

Essentially – everything around me. I travel often and find inspiration on my trips. I love vintage and contemporary paper, which shows through my art and woven paper technique.

What’s the most rewarding part about working with local wineries?

Each winery is unique, and with that comes different people. We love talking and meeting with different people at each place. We’re located very close to the wineries on Old Mission and love that we get to work with them.

Tinker Studio Rick Burbee

Shop Rick’s artwork today at Bonobo Winery!

Also, don’t forget to check out local Tinker Studio artist and instructor, Mary Kay Burbee’s artwork at Tinker Studio, celebrating the beautiful Old Mission Peninsula landscape, interpreted in soft and oil pastel.

Tinker Studio Bonobo Winery

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