World Bonobo Day

World Bonobo Day

08th Feb 2017, Author: Abby Clear

World Bonobo Day is February 14!


Bonobo Winery is partnering with The Bonobo Project to bring awareness and prompt action to save our great ape cousins.

World Bonobo Day, not unintentionally declared to be recognized in conjunction with a day we celebrate LOVE, is a movement to educate the public about the need to protect these uniquely peaceful, matriarchal, and LOVING, endangered great apes. Known as the “make love, not war” primate, the bonobos are humankind’s closest living relative sharing more than 98% of our DNA, and we can stand to learn a lot from them. For instance, bonobos are uniquely peaceful. There has never been a recorded incident of one bonobo killing another. They are also the only matriarchal great ape, and with only 15,000 bonobos left in the wild (in the Congo Basin of the Democratic Republic of Congo), it is our job to bring awareness to the ape’s girl power society.

The Bonobo Winery Story

With plans for Bonobo Winery still in the development stage, our owners sought out a unique and fun name encompassing the overall vision they saw fit for the winery. After coming across an article on bonobo apes, they learned that the true spirit of the bonobo is fun, carefree, and also known for their sense of community and peace unlike any other species. Our owners found the nature of the bonobo to be a perfect representation for the overall feel of the winery. With a laid-back, inviting and comfortable wine tasting experience, we encourage our guests to bring friends and family, whether locals or travelers to join together like the bonobos, and bond over great wine!

Join the Movement

Bonobos are incredible #GreatApes, but they are rarely spoken about. Help us change that by February 14th, on the first ever World Bonobo Day, by sharing their wisdom and learning from their ability to love.

The Bonobo Project is encouraging all to donate $14 in honor of bonobos on or before February 14th. To donate, head over to The Bonobo Project’s website.

The Bonobo Project will use 100% of these funds to continue to raise awareness for bonobos, and to re-grant to organizations fighting to protect them in Congo. You can also join in creating a boom for bonobos through Thunderclap.

THANK YOU for finding the importance in this cause. Happy World Bonobo Day next week!

World Bonobo Day - Bonobo Winery


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